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 Credit Unions


Credit Unions Have Members.

Credit Unions were established to help members save money and become financially secure.

Banks Have Customers.

As for-profit entities, the goal of banks is to make money for stockholders. 

Profits Are Returned To Members.

Profits are returned to members, through better rates and lower fees

Profits Go To Stockholders.

Bank earnings go to stockholders, who own the bank.

Credit Unions are Local.

Credit Unions are local financial institutions and support their local community.

Banks can be Huge.

The largest banks are national or international in scope, having less of a connection to the local community.

Credit Union Leadership.
Credit unions are overseen by a board of directors, democratically elected by the members. One Member. One Vote.

Bank Leadership.
Only shareholders can vote for directors. Votes are cast based on how many shares are owned.
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